NewEyes Laser

Neweyes Laser is the first laser technique capable of changing the color of the iris, therefore, the eyes, of a safe, effective and predictable manner. The results are completely natural, and generally predictable.

Clinica Eyecos

The Eyecos Clinic, located in Barcelona, consists of a group of professionals exclusively dedicated to eye health.


The Eyecos Clinic works in the world of ophthalmology for over 25 years and now devotes much of its resources on research and development.

The Eyecos Clinic is located in Barcelona

You can reach the Eyecos Clinic easily by public transport

The Eyecos Clinic is located in the center of Barcelona. Click the button to continue with this interactive guide

Are you an adult?
I suffer from glaucoma you or any of your relatives?
Are you doing some psychological treatment for mental disorder?
Anyone who is in psychological treatment or has psychological problems can not make neweyes Laser treatment , either contraindication to the incompatibility of some conventional drugs in psychological treatments such as medical ethics. Thus, the Eyecos Clinic have the right to reject any application which shows signs of a possible mental disease or disorder.

Sorry, we do not make treatment under 18

This treatment is indicated for over 18 years. The treatment for people under 18 will not be performed, either with the permission of parents or guardians. The main reason is that the eye is not fully formed.

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Sorry, for your safety you can not perform this treatment

This treatment is absolutely contraindicated people suffering with glaucoma, or any of their immediate families may suffer from glaucoma, as also is contraindicated in keratoconus and other eye diseases or abnormalities.

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I can make treatment if ...
Am I operated myopia?
Am I operated astigmatism?
Am I operated farsightedness?
¿He suffered a retinal detachment?
Do you suffer some form of retinopathy?
I suffer diabetes?
Do I have high blood pressure?
¿He suffered a stroke?
Am I suffer from heart disease?
Am I suffer from a respiratory disease?
¿I suffer another disease?
Have I suffered another disease?

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